Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Planning

Each week my son sets out to accomplish his assignments with very little guidance from me on what to do and when to do it. I still do the actual teaching and reinforcement of the lessons, but when it comes to his assignments and tasks – he guides himself using our homeschool lesson plan. At the start of each week he grabs his folder which has his weekly agenda stapled to the inside cover and his new homeschool lesson plan tucked inside the pocket waiting for him.

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Start with a blank sheet each week and write in the assignments for each subject. When used in conjunction with a weekly agenda guide your child can start to manage their own time.

He has all he needs to get started. This frees me up to get a lot more done during the week because I’m not guiding each and every minute of his day. He’s not fantastic at time management yet, but he is getting there (and better than many adults I know!). He knows that he is expected to get everything done that I lay out for him, and that the only rule is that it all has to be done by the start of the next week.

Many weeks he just jumps right in now, but some weeks (if we have a lot of other things scheduled, or field trips) we’ll sit down together and talk about the times that are already “taken” and how we’ll have to rearrange the schedule to fit it all in. Good life skills to have!

Once the week is complete, he hands the completed (checked off) lesson plan back to me so I can check his work, make notes, and use that info to create my next week’s plan.

Completed Lesson Plan
Once tasks are complete, my son checks off the box to the left. When I correct his papers and review his work I make notes on the right and leave arrows for anything that needs to be carried over into the next week.

Throughout the year I keep these in a folder for his records. I may never need to look at them again for specifics, but it is a great resource when I need to evaluate him at the end of the year.

Download our blank Homeschool Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan – Overall Checklist

Lesson Plan – Checklist by Subject


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