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One of the things I want my son to learn and master is scheduling his time. No matter what you set out to do in life, successfully managing your time is extremely important and helpful. This isn’t a typical school lesson – and from what I’ve encountered in the adult world, it’s a skill that many people lack.

The best way to teach it is to put it into practice every week; and that’s just what we do.

When I write out my lesson plans for the week, I break them down into categories and sections (Reading – A, Reading – B…etc.) under each heading I put that week’s assignment. (Check out our sample Lesson Plan)

Our weekly agenda is broken down and every category has a time slot it could fit in throughout the week. Some items are daily tasks and can’t be swapped around, but all our academics are flexible.

Weekly agenda
A full week view of general tasks and assignments to use as a guide to manage time effectively.

This acts as a guide of “what to do, and when to do it” in order to successfully complete all the tasks and assignments by the end of the week. We’ve used this system since the beginning. At first, my son would follow it as if it were a law (and force me to as well). He would consult it daily to see what we would be working on, and we stuck to the “Plan”. As we got into our groove, I started to teach him how to use it as a general guide instead. We would flip-flop days and tackle Thursday’s work on Tuesday. We would work a little harder on Mondays sometimes and would tackle a bit of Tuesday’s work too. The whole time, the only real goal was to complete it all by the end of the week.

Having it all in front of him allowed him to see the big picture – and he began to love it. His personal goal soon became “Free Up Friday!”. He really wanted a large chunk of time during the day where he could work on his technology projects. With the sheet in hand, he would set out to accomplish a few more assignments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; by the end of the week, he had completed all his academics and could fill his day with a new creative project.

With two years under our belt, my son now starts each new week with his agenda in hand, consults his lesson plan for the week’s assignments and begins to tackle them one by one until he is done. He gets the freedom to choose each day, he feels more in control, and it has lead to some very successful weeks – he’s slowly becoming his own boss.

Download your own weekly agenda:



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