U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Venting Day 6


DAY 06 – The Tinker Truck Needs to Vent

I’m about 4 days away from taking off for New Mexico and its crunch time. I’ve got a great little solar vent to install and have to finish moving everything out of the workshop and into U’ee. Still don’t know if it will all fit :-/

This is the vent I’m going to use from eco-worthy. It’s a great solar website and I was able to find a used unit on amazon for about $40. It’s called an attic vent but it’s stainless steel and I’m on a budget 🙂 Because it’s solar it won’t drain U’ee’s battery and is guaranteed to keep the box well vented even if I’m parked for a while.

Eco-Worthy Solar Vent

Here’s how where I’m gonna put it and how I plan on cutting through the roof of the box:


The thin aluminum skin of the roof was a bit too soft to hold the hole saw and I had to switch to my handy dandy Dremel to complete the cut:


The fan fit perfectly in the hole and all that was left was balancing on the roof to screw it together:


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that the Dremel is one of my most favorite tools or not BUT here I use it again to cut off the extra screw thread:


Cutting through the body of the box isn’t over yet. I complete the electrical tie-in with a weatherproof plug:


Mistakes were made :-/ and the MVP award goes to Dremel:


Jim ‘Colfax Ale Cellar’ arrives tomorrow and I’ve got to pick up the pace and pick him up at the airport. Tune in to see how it all fits.

Thanks for watching!


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