U’ee (the Tinker Truck) RATON – Fixing that blown spark plug



Back on Day 11 of the Tinker Truck adventures, U’ee blew a spark plug and we had to drive the rest of the way to Raton on 9 cylinders instead of 10. The aluminum engine blocks on the Ford F350 Trition V10 6.8L are a bit notorious for their spark plug threads being stripped out over time. U’ee being a ’99 F350 means it’s seen its fair share of spark plug replacements and all it takes is one over-torque when screwing in a new plug to strip out those aluminum threads. Next thing you know BOOM!

It’s not necessarily easy to re-tap a thread all the way down in the engine block. The most common way is to take of the top of the engine block to perform the repair. Well I found a product from Dorman Spark plug Thread Repair Kit that works as advertised and allowed me to put in a new spark plug into the stripped cylinder without taking off the block.

Here’s a video of how it works and how I put it in – enjoy:



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