U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Electrical Day 4


DAY 04 – The Tinker Truck Gets ‘Electrified!

The layout is complete and everything except for the door to grandma’s attic is in place. Today I layout the external 120v electrical service outlets and lights. It’s a bit of a tedious task but you can never be to careful when mixing voltage and current.

Here’s a walk through of the final layout:


The whole day today was spent on wiring up U’ee for service power and lights. The important thing to remember is vehicles run on 12v DC and the service power I’m installing is 120v AC. The metal body of a vehicle is not grounded. It’s connected to the negative 12v DC lead of the battery. This is not the case for the metal housing on 120v AC services which is considered ground. It’s important that the metal of the vehicle be insulated from the metal of the 120v service items. Careful planning is in order and I took the whole day to test and retest my connection before turning on the switch. A short across the services would surely melt down U’ee‘s electrical system.


Tomorrow I take U’ee out for a drive and go through a literal shake down to see how things are connected.

Stay tuned!



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