U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Day 9 – Open Road


DAY 09 – Tinker Truck on the Open Road

Jim & I left scenic Providence, RI at 6am today. Our plan was being in Pennsylvania by 12 noon in order to meet up with Gary Rosen from Shore Point Distributors and take a tour of a couple of breweries including Forest & Main & Free Will.

Here’s the first dashboard recording from U’ee as we head down scenic I95:

Here’s some footage from the U’ee’s dashboard cam:

U’ee is a big truck (24ft long x 8ft wide x 11ft high) and our first day on the open road was a bit intimidating. I learned quite early on to merge with purpose and give myself plenty of starting and stopping room. Driving on the interstate was easy enough but when we arrived in the very dense city of Philadelphia it was quite nerve racking to navigate through downtown. Luckily Gary Rosen came to our rescue with the plucky Tara Nurin just outside the historic Philadelphia Inquirer building.

Philadelphia Inquirer

From downtown Philly it was a straight shot to Free Will Brewing Company in Perkasie, PA. We got an excellent tour by the proprietor John Stemler and some terrific samples of their brews.

Free Will Brewing Co

Check these guys out and ask for their beers at your local store. The Peach Lambic was my favorite. freewillbrewing.com

From there our gracious guides lead us to Forest and Main Brewing Company in Ambler, PA. Even though this required a little back tracking it was well worth the trip. Some of the best eatins’ to be had were at this rustic brewery and restaurant. If your ever in Ambler, stop by for the Fish & Chips with a side of pickled veggies. Paired great with their Bébé Gris a grisette fermented in French oak puncheons – yum. forestandmain.com

Forest and Main Brewery & Pub

Departing from Forest and Main, we really wanted to try and make it to the I80 through way and position ourselves for a straight shot to Ohio tomorrow:

Thank you again Gary & Tara for a first class tour and John Stemler for your generous hospitality!!

This trip’s budget is going to go towards our gas and brewery visits and our plan is to take advantage of truck stops and rest areas in order to sleep in U’ee. Places like some Walmart Super centers, that are 24hrs, offer RV’s free overnight parking. But it’s not all of them and it’s best to check in with walmart.com in order to find out where this service is offered. This handy video from Chuck Woodbury at RVtravel.com will explain the ABC’s how it’s done:

The best laid plans always go astray and while we did stop at the SuperWalmart in Lehighton, PA, the night was too hot and humid and the parking lot was way to bright to for us to overnight. We got some cold cuts and fresh bread for breakfast (German Style) and headed out over the Poconos Mountains to try and catch the Northern side of a cold front pushing in from Canada. Traveling over the Poconos seemed like it would be quite the enjoyably scenic adventure. This was not the case at 10pm at night with U’ee seeing his first taste of mountains and 10% inclines. Another white knuckling trip brought us to I80 where I was able to use the very useful website www.interstaterestareas.com to figure out where we could find overnight parking.

This gave me my first experience with a trucker favorite Love’s Travel Stop www.loves.com and we were able to overnight it with the big rigs at Pifflinville, PA.

Here’s what our first day of travel ended up looking like this:

Day 9 Map
Traveling from RI to PA

I’ll be using Bing Maps to plot our travels the rest of the way. Here’s the online route for the today Map Day 9 – RI to PA .

Tomorrow it’ll be a straight shot to Cleveland, OH with a quick stop at a junk yard in Howard, PA that might have a spare tire for U’ee.

See you then,



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