U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Day 7 Shake up


DAY 07 – The Tinker Truck Gets a Shakedown

Second to last day before we hit road. I picked Jim Colfax Ale Cellar (JCAC) at the airport with U’ee to get another shake down. Things shook down and today I find and repair and shore up.

Broken rail:


I put in some shelf support and start filling grandma’s attic. We measured up storage bins and everything is fitting snug as a bug, which is what you want. You definitely want to avoid stuff sliding freely around the truck:


Leveling boards are something you put in front or behind tires to drive up on and level a vehicle on uneven surfaces. Nice, quick fabrication that costs as little as $20 but will come in real handy when it comes to working in the back:


Tomorrow everything goes in and the truck gets packed up for road.

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