U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Day 11 – And I can Drive 500 miles?

DAY 11

Today was a long drive as we planned on traversing the great states of Ohio, Indiana, & Illinois to end the day at the St. Louis Arch.

Thank you Cleveland:

Just a lot of driving today and watching the topography change from what I’m accustomed to in the Northeast. We’ll be driving through the Midwest today before entering the Heartland of America.




The pace of travel changed:

Here’s a little clip of the terrain from the dashcam set to ‘Lonesome Avenue’ by the 126ers:

Experiencing new things is what I love most about travel. The subtleties of change are such, that the simplest most endearing things can often go unnoticed. Like Wisconsin cheese curds [more info]:

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Without JCAC suggestion, I wouldn’t have even noticed these on the menu. The family friendly Culver’s [more info] fries ’em up for easy picking and they landed squarely in the ‘Such Yum, OMG’ category. Don’t miss out on some next time your in the Midwest. But you have to eat them fresh. They’re only good for 2-3 days. Any longer than that and they’re not worth going out of your whey for 😉

U’ee was fixed up and brought to life to make this trip possible. He’s an older vehicle (1999) and there were expectations that some mechanical problems might arise… and they did 🙁 Just outside of Indianapolis U’ee blew a spark plug out of cylinder #2 ripping out the ignition coil. It didn’t stop U’ee but the loss of compression made it quite the challenge to limp off the highway and over to the nearest AAA certified garage. Jimbo’s garage was very helpful diagnosing the problem but $400 AND a 4hr wait didn’t work for our St. Louis goal. So with a little googling [more info] and a fabrication truck I set to off to Advance Auto Parts to make some magic happen.

U’ee at Advance Auto Parts
Blown out Igniter Coil
New Igniter Coil and plug

$80 and an hour later we were back on the road – thank you Advance Auto Parts:

On the final leg of the day we crossed a wicked cold front and here’s U’ee’s dashcam compilation set to ‘Pas de Deux’ by Bird Creek:

Made it to St. Louis before the game. U’ee got to park outside Busch Stadium and we got another great deal from Hotwire.com and another Hyatt [more info] right next to the St. Louis Arch (check another must see off the list JCAC).

U’ee catchin’ a Cardinals game

10hrs & 520 miles later JCAC & I toasted to what could have been a disaster of day at Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar [more info] where we got to sample some great local brews.

1st Drink of the Day

Here’s the Bing Map of this leg of the journey:

Day 11 Map

That’s enough for today – see ya’ all tomorrow.




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