U’ee (the Tinker Truck) – Colfax Ale Cellar

Welcome to Raton, NM [link] – Gate City and start of our Brewery Build Out.

Today I take you on a tour of 215 S 2nd Street where Colfax Ale Cellar and I are gonna put in a 7bbl 2 Vessel “Combi” Brew House with all the fixings.

From outside to inside here’s a walking tour of the building:

It’s not exactly a blank slate at the moment. They’ll be lots of demo in the coming weeks are we put the plans together of how to turn this historic building into a modern day brewery.

Here’s a little visualization of the planned layout.

Colfax Ale Cellar CAD
Colfax Ale Cellar


It’s not everyday you get to build out something as cool as this. Tomorrow I’m gonna dive all in with a 9 gal batch of Goat Hill IPA that JCAC is gonna brew up. It’ll be my first time seeing the brewing process from start to finish and I’ll try and keep you updated as it goes.

I’ll also get out and get you a tour of Raton so you can get a sense of the beauty and history [more] of this high plains frontier town.

Goat Hill Raton Sign
Goat Hill Raton Sign

Till then – cheers!



One thought on “U’ee (the Tinker Truck) – Colfax Ale Cellar

  1. My many congratulations on your journey! I hope the whole gang enjoys the great southwest, and my best goes to all of you. Certainly, I will be following this new endeavor with great joy (and with some reminiscing of how in “Days of Yore” when Garret would solve with gusto the square peg/round hole dilemma)! Be well and have fun!

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