U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Bungee vs Cable Day 5


DAY 05 – Tinker Truck Decisions – Bungee or Cable?

Took U’ee out for a shake down and some things needed shoring up. Decided to switch out the bungee cords on the Hobart drawers for aircraft cable because those right turns can be a doosey.

Here’s what the bungees looked like and what I’m going to replace them with:


Working with steel cable is a cinch when you have the right tools and nothing beats it’s strength. Here’s what I used to swag together the aircraft cable.

When cutting steel cable it’s important to get a clean cut and C7 cutters are specific to that.

c7 cutters
C7 Cutters

A swagging tool is used to compress an aluminum sleeve into the wire and form a loop. I insert thimbles to keep the loop from collapsing.

Swagging Tool

The finished product has a breaking strength of 350lbs and less than 1% elongation (stretch). This is compared to the bungee cord that has about a 45% elongation.


Here’s what the finished aircraft cable connections look like holding in the drawers:


I found a great solution for the storage area door in grandma’s attic – something Aiden would be proud of:


Our trip cross country starts soon and there are still many things to do. Tomorrows a full day of cutting through the truck wall and installing bits like the weatherized plug-in and a neat little solar fan to vent the box without draining the battery.

Check back tomorrow!



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