U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Build Out Day 2


Day 2 – The Tinker Truck Setup & Plans

Moving right along with the build out of this Tinker Truck. Day 2 is about getting the tool rack up. Here I’ve put in a wooden stiffener to bridge the gap between walls. We used a 2×4 and some hinges to bridge the gap across the grandma’s attic space giving it a little more structure and allowing me to add a door on later to close off the area.


Found some water leaking in and that’s a problem to long term storage in the attic. It’s part of the cost of buying a used vehicle – gotta fix a few things yourself. We only have a very small leak at one of the rivets, so we’ll get up on the roof later to check that out.

Heating up in the truck, we may have to get some sort of vent system in here soon. I got the rack up and the tool bench in and we are ready for the nuts and bolts unit and the vice grips for this section.

Tomorrow more racks and benches.  Check back!


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