U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Adventures Day 1


DAY 01 – The Tinker Truck Needs Has a Plan

The first day of the Tinker Truck build out was all about taking stock and planning how to fit my workshop of tools into one confined space.

Here’s a quick tour of my workshop.

I took some careful measurements the truck and stock of what I wanted to bring. It’s a matter of making some hard decisions of what’s nice vs what’s needed. This whole adventure is part of a downsizing expedition into the reality of what we really need to get by and be happy. Too much stuff weighs you down.

U'ee measurements

Once I kinda figured out what was important, it was just a matter of doing. All the planning in the world only makes it as far as getting it done. Here’s how the steel racks started to go in on Day 1.

Check back for more progress tomorrow.




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