Adventure into 5th Grade


It’s adventure time!

It’s that time of year again – time for us to start up our ‘formal’ school schedule. Sometimes our formal schedule is quite rigid and we stick to the plan, other times the universe tosses us off that path, we throw caution to the wind and say “whatever!” Somehow, it all seems to work out. Right now, the curriculum is picked, the schedule is set, and we’re ready to go. But this year is very different for us…
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Lessons : Spelling and Vocabulary

Spell check is on everything now, but it’s still really important to learn how to spell and how to decode vocabulary words. When he grows up and gets a job, I want my son to write well and be able to articulate himself correctly. He doesn’t need to be able to win national spelling bees (unless he wants to) but he should know how to properly write a paper, a letter, and an email for starters. Continue reading

Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Planning

Each week my son sets out to accomplish his assignments with very little guidance from me on what to do and when to do it. I still do the actual teaching and reinforcement of the lessons, but when it comes to his assignments and tasks – he guides himself using our homeschool lesson plan. At the start of each week he grabs his folder which has his weekly agenda stapled to the inside cover and his new homeschool lesson plan tucked inside the pocket waiting for him. Continue reading

Weekly Agenda

One of the things I want my son to learn and master is scheduling his time. No matter what you set out to do in life, successfully managing your time is extremely important and helpful. This isn’t a typical school lesson – and from what I’ve encountered in the adult world, it’s a skill that many people lack.

The best way to teach it is to put it into practice every week; and that’s just what we do. Continue reading

Setting and Evaluating Personal Goals

Setting & Evaluating Personal Goals

Having personal goals keeps us motivated and driven, but having the wrong goals can set us down a road of disappointment. All throughout the school year I’m constantly setting, evaluating, and redefining our personal goals to stay on track and measure our progress. It also helps me keep things in perspective when things look dreary or I find myself questioning what we’ve accomplished. I don’t often remember all the challenges we overcome, but the ones we haven’t mastered yet are always fresh in my mind… (that darn half empty glass!) Continue reading

Recording Homeschool Attendance


Paperwork becomes a daunting task if you don’t keep up with it on a regular basis. Recording your homeschool attendance might not be at the top of your list of things to do, but it may be necessary to have for your end of the year report to your district’s school board. I have created an easy-to-use, single sheet system for recording each child’s attendance. Each week as I complete my lesson plan, I check off the school dates completed for the previous week. It allows me to quickly stay on top of attendance and easily track how far along we are in the standard school year. Continue reading

End of the Homeschool Year – It’s not a report, it’s a story

End of the Year Evaluation

How does a homeschooler “end” the school year?

Traditional schools have a “last day” scheduled on the calendar even before the school year begins. They know exactly how many days are left at all times. When you homeschool, things are quite different but that’s the beauty of it – we aren’t tied to the calendar. We can school on Saturdays and through snow days. If we want to be done at the end of April, then we set that goal and truly be done by May 1st!

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