Measurements & Milestones

MilestonesEach child learns differently and achieves milestones at different ages, but we are always curious to know where our kid stacks up with other kids his or her age. Having an idea of what is generally expected at certain ages on the grid of life helps us guide our child on their own path. Are they behind in a certain area? Are they advanced and excelling?

Great Schools has a wonderful bank of video resources for typical milestones in reading, math, and writing for children K-5.

I Wasn’t Lost, but I Certainly Wasn’t Holding the Map Either

I wasn’t lost – but who has the map?

Full disclosure right now – I’m starting this blog a few years into our homeschool adventure. So it’s going to look like I was a hell of a lot more organized than I actually was at the time. I spent many months getting ready but truthfully I had no idea what I was doing.

It was the exact same feeling I remember from when my son was born. Continue reading