Maine Escape DAY 13.0 – Railing Work

Maine Escape DAY 13 Railing Work

DAY 13.0 – Railing Work

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we completed the steps going into the basement and said goodbye to Jon “the Woodchuck” Duarte. We also did a good cleanup to get ready for the next phase of construction and NEW craftsman. Continue reading

Maine Escape DAY 12.0 – Down We Go

Maine Escape DAY 12 Down We Go

DAY 12.0 – Down We Go

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we tread very carefully building the basement steps, while Liz built a stone Patio. Today we complete the steps and say farewell to our favorite woodchuck Duarte.

STEP IN TIME – Maine Escape

The steps are done and get finished. That means a lot of sanding and some filling. To make them durable they are going to get 3 coats of high gloss polyurethane. But 1st, they get sealed with water based polyacrylic to prevent staining.

All Treads are In

Sealing the Steps

An Artist always signs his Work

Job Well Done


DOWN WE GO – Maine Escape

It’s great to have quick and easy access to the basement. The pups, however, were a bit confused about the route and had to be coerced into going down them.

The Pups are Confused

Inspecting the Basement


TOMORROW – Maine Escape

One craftsman leaves and another comes in. Thank you, Jon Duarte for helping me custom craft the Double-Winder Staircase. Tomorrow Carlos Dos Santos shows up to begin cladding the basement.

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Maine Escape DAY 11.0 – Stepping Stones

Maine Escape DAY 11 Stepping Stones

DAY 11.0 – Stepping Stones

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we went into full-on precision mode, to build the top and bottom winders for the basement to 1st floor staircase. Today we fill in the gaps and start putting down some custom glammed steps. Continue reading

Expanding Steampunk Table – DIY Instructional

Expanding Steampunk Table

My family & I have downsized and are working hard on maintaining a small footprint. We’re living in a modestly sized rental house without any room for a dining room table. We like to entertain and not having a place to sit and eat has been a bit challenging. There is a foyer in the house that is a decent size but wouldn’t work for having a permanent dining table. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good size table that sat 6-8 people but didn’t require a dedicated room? Here’s how I solved this dilemma by designing and building an portable Expanding Steampunk Table.
Continue reading