Setting and Evaluating Personal Goals

Setting & Evaluating Personal Goals

Having personal goals keeps us motivated and driven, but having the wrong goals can set us down a road of disappointment. All throughout the school year I’m constantly setting, evaluating, and redefining our personal goals to stay on track and measure our progress. It also helps me keep things in perspective when things look dreary or I find myself questioning what we’ve accomplished. I don’t often remember all the challenges we overcome, but the ones we haven’t mastered yet are always fresh in my mind… (that darn half empty glass!)

Once I started using these sheets I was able to get a much clearer picture of our year – a much more positive look at things.

First: I fill out a “Personal Goals and Objectives Sheet”. (check out the sample below)

At the beginning of the year I set overall goals I’d like my son to achieve. Some are based on standard measurements and milestones, some are academic goals, and others are strictly personal achievements. Then I set that sheet aside in my binder and I evaluate it at the very end of our year. As the year progresses I fill out new sheets. Sometimes I need to reevaluate the goals I’ve set, sometimes we set new goals based on new milestones or subjects, and sometimes I set smaller “session goals”.

For each sheet I fill out, I have a corresponding “Evaluation Sheet” that goes along with it.(check out the sample below)
I print it out, staple it to the goals sheet and quickly look at where we wanted to go vs. where we actually ended up. It takes very little time to do and provides me guidance on what to work on next.

The best part about these is they don’t take much time to fill out, and having this data at your fingertips at the end of the school year is priceless!

Download and print your own pages now and start setting and evaluating your goals!

Overall Personal Goals and Objectives : Can be used for the year or for sessions

Evaluation of Personal Goals and Objectives : Can be used for the year or for sessions


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