Recording Homeschool Attendance


Paperwork becomes a daunting task if you don’t keep up with it on a regular basis. Recording your homeschool attendance might not be at the top of your list of things to do, but it may be necessary to have for your end of the year report to your district’s school board. I have created an easy-to-use, single sheet system for recording each child’s attendance. Each week as I complete my lesson plan, I check off the school dates completed for the previous week. It allows me to quickly stay on top of attendance and easily track how far along we are in the standard school year.

Each year we start with a fresh, blank page. (Like this one below)

Homeschool Attendance Record

Throughout the year, I check off the days as they pass. It’s quick and easy to keep up with and includes all the days of the month (great for us weekend schoolers). At the end of each month, I keep a tally of completed days and we count up to (and beyond) the required 180 days.

Homeschool Attendance Record Filled

Download and print your own pages now and start recording with ease!

Homeschool Attendance Record 12 month : School Year Start – June

Homeschool Attendance Record 12 month : School Year Start – July

Homeschool Attendance Record 10 month : School Year Start – September


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