Raton Chronicles: Best Commute Eva


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to post. Bunch of things piled up and settling the Fam into Raton took priority. We’re all settled into a Histori-chic Wild West Hotel on S. 1st Street in Raton. There’s a sink in every room 😐

New Raton Hotel

But we’re settled in now and I’ve picked up a part-time job at Engineering Analytics as an Engineering Assistant and Lead Construction Inspector. It was a great opportunity that I gotta thank Karen Banks Stearns PE for the heads up regarding the position. Working part time during the day at EA and then over at Colfax Ale Cellar in the afternoon is the perfect combination of cash flow and investment.

I got a request for a video on my commute to work and here it is:

Thanks for Watchin’


One thought on “Raton Chronicles: Best Commute Eva

  1. Look at the money you save on gas…just like sis now takes the train to work and saves wear & tear, traffic & money…Frugal just like your momma….love the little town and hope to see it someday….

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