Now Available – Gross and Awesome Bug Book


The Gross and Awesome Bug Book is Now Available!

Professor Slug Face has just released his first book The Gross and Awesome Bug Book – An Interactive Guide and is on a mission to spread the word that bugs are not gross – they are Gross AND Awesome!
It’s a tough mission to tackle, and that’s why he needs help.

This illustrated book, set up in the style of a scientific journal, will guide your child through the stages of research; finding facts, taking notes, citing sources, all the way through to writing a report to help Professor Slug Face achieve his mission. Step by step your child will research and learn about each bug and take notes right in the book! Subject matter, illustrations, and creative activities will encourage learning while having fun.
Parents can connect directly with Professor Slug Face through twitter and email to send photos, stories, and reports written by their own Junior Scientists.
Bug Book Interior 1
Take a look inside! Professor Slug Face leads his eager Junior Scientists.
Bug Book Interior 2
The research journal format allows your child to write, draw and take notes right in the book.
Connect with Professor Slug Face

Twitter: @ProfSlugFace

Makes a perfect gift for your child, a friend’s child, or grandchildren!
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