I Wasn’t Lost, but I Certainly Wasn’t Holding the Map Either

I wasn’t lost – but who has the map?

Full disclosure right now – I’m starting this blog a few years into our homeschool adventure. So it’s going to look like I was a hell of a lot more organized than I actually was at the time. I spent many months getting ready but truthfully I had no idea what I was doing.

It was the exact same feeling I remember from when my son was born. You know what I mean. When you pack up from the hospital and make that first trek into the house with a newborn baby sleeping quietly in his infant seat. You lug that 10,000 pound seat into the house, sit it on top of the coffee table and stare at your baby. How adorable!! At some point during that new parent fog your inner voice screams “Oh sh!t, now what?!”

The day my son was released from his final day of second grade was his last day at public school. I had done my research, I had arranged my work schedule, and we disrupted our entire life as we knew it to make this happen. We were all in – and very excited for the new year to begin, but we got home from his last day at school, sat on the couch and that little voice screamed again just like it did many years ago… “Oh sh!t, now what?!”

When you find yourself there, don’t worry. Somehow, in some way, it all ends up working.

Trust your instincts and follow their lead and you will find your way through it too.

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