Maine Escape DAY 9.0 – Beam Me Up

Maine Escape DAY 9 Beam Me Up

DAY 9.0 – Beam Me Up

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape, we supported the floor joists and cut a hole in a perfectly good floor, while Liz & her team trimmed out the Barn.


The Maine Escape is basically a souped up hunting shack and the massive support beams holding up the 2×4 floor joists need to be cut through so we can put in the Staircase.

Floor Support Joists

Cutting through

Clean Cut

Resting Nicely

Cross Section

Duarte in a Daze



Sparky (the Framer) could only get so far because of the tight tolerances of building the stairs. Ethan & I pick up where he left off and, after some careful measuring, frame in the wall beside the Staircase.

Sparky was Here

Finishing the Framing

Narrow Margins

Locking it all together



Without an inch to spare, I go ahead and check the math to make sure everything is going to fit. This includes making sure the slope of the stair treads is even and smooth from top to bottom. But Duarte can’t wait for the steps to go in and becomes the first person to go from the Basement to the 1st Floor without having to walk around the house.

Proofing the Math

Measuring Stringers


Starting the Stairs

End of Day 9

Climbing up

That was Easy


LIVE WORK – Maine Escape

The work schedule on the Maine Escape is crazy, to say the least. Part of the reason we’re able to manage this intense build-out in only 49 days is because we’re living at the Maine Escape. Early starts and long days are also managed by the fantastic view and entertaining neighbors.

That's a big kat

Shoo fly you're dragon me down


TOMORROW – Maine Escape

The Staircase is a huge part of pulling the whole house together and optimizing the small space. Tomorrow Duarte and I begin the precision task of building the Steps.

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