Maine Escape DAY 7.0 – Laundry Day

Maine Escape DAY 7.0 Laundry

DAY 7.0 – Laundry Day

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape, the Electrician set about installing boxes and running wire. We got a new helper, Ethan, and I got to cut a big hole through the wall.

UTILITY ROOM – Maine Escape

The Lift Station well is in and today is the day to tie it into the main sewer line. This is gonna require some spot on PVC work along with the installation of a NEW manifold system to compress the existing Hot & Cold water distribution.

Maine Escape DAY 7.0 Laundry
The making of a Utility Room

This back corner needs to get compressed in order to fit in a shower. Because of the tight tolerances and abundance of mechanical in this small location we weren’t able to put in the insulation or framing. That’s gonna have to come after all the piping is sorted out.

Old Hot & Cold Layout

Disconnecting the Mains

Plumbing Prep

Connecting to the Sewer


LAUNDRY – Maine Escape

We’ve been living and working on site now for 7 days and one of the biggest milestones that has to be accomplished is the hooking up of the Washer and Dryer. There’s no time to be running into town to do it and in order to keep on schedule, this component of the basement renovation needs to be functioning. So, our first test of the Sewer Lift Station and the Plumbing is going to be washing delicates.

TOMORROW – Maine Escape

It’s now week #2 in our 7 week build out and it’s time to look at cutting a hole in the floor for the staircase. This isn’t going to be an average staircase and I’ve enlisted the aid of boat builder from the Whaling City of New Bedford to help me craft it.

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