Maine Escape DAY 5.0 – Job Perks & Framing

Maine Escape DAY 5.0 Job Perks and Framing

DAY 5.0 – Job Perks & Framing

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday, at the Maine Escape, the sewer line in the basement floor was backfilled and capped with concrete. Deliveries kept coming in and we realized the difficulties getting big trucks to the site. Hopefully, nothing bigger than a 24 footer comes today.

FRAMING – Maine Escape

Finally, we get to put up some walls. The deliveries and concrete curing have put us back a day so Sparky (the framer) has called for backup and jumped headlong into the tiny basement. It’s not a big space so he got a copy of the plans and told me it was my day to work on the Punch List.

PUNCH LIST – Maine Escape

Today’s punch list:

  • Install the slate tile for the New Stove in the Porch
  • Install the finished Glass Door
  • Manage Deliveries

OLD Storm Door

NEW Glass Door

Corner for NEW Stove

Home Plate

Tile Saw = Dirty Work

Slate base for NEW Stove

Freight Transfer

Trucks TO BIG

Hard Working Mascots


JOB PERKS – Maine Escape

Playing leap frog with the different contractors means there’s bound to be some downtime. Luckily there’s a beautiful pond to distract and “Lil Duck” took advantage of a kayak with our son Aiden while the Plumbing in the Wetwall was being done. Not a lot of room to work means lots of patience.

Maine Escape DAY 5.0 Job Perks Framing
Job Perk

WETWALL – Maine Escape

The Insulating and Framing in the back of the basement was completed in the morning so the plumber could run the utilities through the wet wall. It was important to get this done today because electrical is going in tomorrow and we’re supposed to get everything approved so the sheetrock can go up this weekend. Can’t miss beat.

Nice Fit

Wet wall

Slope Math

Dryer Vent, Washer Hookup, Sewer Vent

Tomorrow Electrical is scheduled to go in the Wetwall and we get a NEW helper.

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