Maine Escape DAY 4.0 – Backfill & Concrete

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Backfill and Concrete

DAY 4.0 – Backfill & Concrete

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday we got the bulk of the materials delivered to the Maine Escape and the PVC Sewer Line and Lift Station installed in the basement. We got approval that everything was plumbed properly and it’s just a matter of backfilling and pouring concrete over the trench. 


Many hands make light work. Which is a good thing because Sparky (the Framer) is chomping at the bit, to start putting up walls in the basement. But backfilling and concreting took the morning and it’s best to wait 24hrs before walking on new concrete.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Backfill and Concrete
Concrete Pour over Sewer Line

What a mess in the basement

PUNCH LIST – Maine Escape

In the meantime, we’ve got the punch list items to pick off. Here’s what was tackle today

  • Installing a Microwave / Range Vent above the Stove
  • Installing the NEW stove that got retrofitted for Propane
  • Prep NEW Glass door to Replace the UGLY White Storm door to the Porch
  • Plumb the Water Line to the Outside Shower

Teeny Tiny Kitchen

Cutting out the vent hole

Installed Shelves under the Stairs

New Stove & Microwave Vent

Replacing the UGLY White Porch Door

Carefully cutting a hole for the NEW door handle

Sealing the NEW Porch door wood with polyacrylic

New Water Spigot for the Outside Shower

Hardest workers


DELIVERIES – Maine Escape

Rural Maine roads are mostly dirt and you seriously can’t always get there from here. With a bunch of deliveries coming in, I did my best to clearly mark the Maine Escape but in the end, I had to plant myself by the main crossroad in order to guarantee deliveries.

Not an easy road to travel

Sign of the times

Waiting for deliveries


We’re just starting to get our rhythm going on. Nothing worse than long pauses to slow down a day. Tomorrow Sparky will be happy as he finally gets to start framing

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