Maine Escape DAY 3.0 – Delivery and PVC

Maine Escape DAY 3.0 - Delivery and PVC

DAY 3.0 – Delivery and PVC

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday, we unloaded and cut a trench in the basement floor for the sewer line and lift station. We didn’t get our Home Depot delivery in so Liz & Sparky got to work on installing the Garage Door on the Barn. We prepped and set up a punch list of Maine Escape jobs and tasks so there wouldn’t be any downtime.

DELIVERY – Maine Escape

The Home Depot Delivery Service arrived first thing and we got the bulk of our renovation materials in. Timing is important when organizing the different jobs and having the materials onsite when contractors arrive is key to minimizing downtime and staying on schedule. It’s definitely best, to order materials with a degree of padding.

Maine Escape DAY 3.0 - Delivery and PVC
Home Depot Delivery

Flatbed deliveries are palletized and wrapped which is important when dealing with outdoor storage and inclement weather.

We also got a delivery from The Wood Mill of Maine with the railing sections for the staircase. The Maine Escape has a very distinct cabin feel and we wanted to match the existing rough timber look with matching posts and spindles.

Maine Escape DAY 3.0 - Delivery and PVC
Stair Railing Delivery

PVC – Maine Escape

1st thing we have to do is get the Sewer Line installed so the trench we dug yesterday can get backfilled and capped in concrete. This needs to happen before the framing starts going up, so we’re under the gun to get the PVC pipe installed, plumbed, and inspected.

Maine Escape DAY 3.0 - Delivery and PVC
PVC Inventory


PUNCH LIST – Maine Escape

Here’s what’s going on:

  • Check-in / Inventory Delivery
  • Plumbing Sewer Line
  • Plumbing Gas Line to Porch
  • Electrical Outside AC disconnect
  • Installing Microwave / Range Vent

Checking the smoke detectors

Automatic Garage Door Installation


Putting in a range vent


Gas line for the Porch stove



AC Disconnect

We’re off to a great start. Gotta get the Sewer Line trench backfilled and capped tomorrow so framing can start. Plus more deliveries are on their way and a seemingly endless punch list gets a little smaller.

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