Maine Escape DAY 28 – Foaming Mad

Maine Escape DAY 28 Foaming

DAY 26 – Foaming Mad

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape the Family abandoned me so I took some time to recap the first 26 days onsite. Today I’m digging into the drywall and trying out a new seaming technique.

HIGH HUMIDITY – Maine Escape

The laundry room is 80% underground and has only one small basement window. This is going to be the most moisture prone room of the house, particularly when dealing with normal high summer humidity and the naturally cool cinderblock walls.

After a few extra nailers, the 1/2 in. drywall panels went in very easily.

Most complicated wall

Extra studding for mirror

Remembering where the studs are

Framing in a pipe

FOAMING MAD – Maine Escape

I’ve specified Gold Bond PURPLE XP drywall to go on the walls because it’s been engineered to provide an extra layer of protection against mold and mildew. With the extra moisture from the shower and laundry, this extra layer of protection is going to be a necessity.

In order to get even more moisture protection, I’ve decided to try foaming the drywall seams instead of mudding them. This technique uses GREAT STUFF Gaps & Cracks insulating foam to fill the gaps in the seams of the drywall.

Cut outs for electrical boxes

Ready to fill the seams

Sink wall

Spray foam the drywall seams

Washer and Dryer wall

PUNCH LIST – Maine Escape

While waiting for the foam to dry, I took some much needed time to work on the Punch List and get everything that needs to be done written in and scheduled. Here’s a quick video to show you our creative way of keeping on track and on schedule for this crazy renovation.

FUN & GAMES – Maine Escape

All work and no play makes Garrett a dull blogger. I took some time out from my busy schedule to send a birthday shout-out to Edith on her 92nd birthday.

Maine Escape DAY 28 Foaming
Happy Birthday Edith

NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Next time at the Maine Escape, I double down on the punch list and go-to-town on the shower, along with shaving down the foam seams, skim coating the walls, and (to-top-it-off) I modify some wall sconces to have pull switches.

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