Maine Escape DAY 27 – Quick Recap

Maine Escape DAY 27 Quick Recap

DAY 27 – Quick Recap

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape the plumbing and electrical were completed and I got my first sheets of drywall up on the ceiling and was able to cut out some recessed lights with a rotary saw.

QUICK RECAP – Maine Escape

It’s been 27 days onsite at the Maine Escape and, boy, have we got a lot accomplished. Here’s a quick recap of what’s been done to date.

  1. Arrival – Took a tour of location and unpacked.
  2. Unload & Demo – Unpacked the trailer, reviewed the plans, made a punch list, and cut into the basement slab for the new sewer lines.
  3. Delivery and PVC – Materials arrived, gas lines were run, range vent was cut out, the sewer line was installed, and the exterior AC power box went in.
  4. Backfill & Concrete – The sewer line was backfilled, the new range went in, shelves went in the pantry, and the sunroom got a new door.
  5. Job Perks & Framing – The basement walls get framed, plumbing drains get connected, the LP stove arrives and it gets a slate footing.
  6. Paint the Barn – The barn gets painted along with some brackets, electrical goes in the walls, and I cut a 6 in. hole through the sill plate for a vent.
  7. Laundry Day – The macerator pump is installed, the hot and cold water gets a manifold, and we get to wash clothes.
  8. The Stairs –  The floor joists get supported, we cut out the stairwell to the basement, and the barn gets trimmed.
  9. Beam Me Up – We cut away the floor joists in the stairwell, wall framing for the stairs goes up, and I cut stringers.
  10. Precision – Every measuring tool comes out to cut and build the double winder staircase.
  11. Stepping Stones – The meticulous work continues on the stairs and a paver patio goes in.
  12. Down We Go – The stairs get treaded and we finally have quick access to the ground floor.
  13. Railing Work – Railing time as we close up the stairwell and make is safe for our furry friends.
  14. Cladding – The railing gets a smooth finish and the v-groove cladding commences in the bunkroom.
  15. Getting Wired – Electrical and plumbing get tidied up the wall get closed up and built-ins start getting built in.
  16. No End to the Wood – Cladding is in full swing and every cut counts as the v-groove wood pile starts to dwindle.
  17. Almost Out of the Woods – The cladding goes in on the stairs with many, many precision cuts.
  18. Everything is Wet – We get a real good soaker overnight and spend most of the day drying out.
  19. Nothing but Cuts – There are some last final cuts to finish the stairs and another built-in is discovered.
  20. Rest and Reset – We take an inventory of what’s been done and take some downtime.
  21. Railing and Fencing – The handrail starts to take shape on the tight stairs as fencing goes in outside to mask the propane tank.
  22. Boxing Day – I work on grabbing every bit of usable space with some cozy cubbies and make a rough cut newel post.
  23. Shower Time – The shower takes shape in the back of the basement and I begin the finish work.
  24. Holes and Doors – Walls get finished and doors start to go in, with another 6 in. vent hole needed to be cut through the sillplate.
  25. Plumping – The finish plumbing goes in as drywall is delivered.
  26. Cover Up – The final wet work is done in the bathroom and the ceiling gets it’s first sheets of drywall.

HOME ALONE – Maine Escape

Aiden & Liz head off today to go visiting family. We couldn’t get out to the Eastcoast without being able to see friends and family. I’m not so lucky. I’m gonna stay onsite and keep whittling down the punch list. So today was a light day to spend some time with the family before they depart.

Maine Escape DAY 27 Quick Recap
Me & Aiden

NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow at the Maine Escape, it’s a drywall day. I’ll skin all the walls and show you a seamingly unique technique to taping.

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