Maine Escape DAY 26 – Cover Up

Maine Escape DAY 25 Cover Up

DAY 26 – Cover Up

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape the plumbing was getting finished up and we were prepping for the drywall to go in.

PLUMBING – Maine Escape

The Hot and Cold Water Manifold has been hooked up and lines have been run for the following:

  1. Washing Machine
  2. Sink
  3. Shower
  4. Toilet

It’s time to check all the connections and make some copper stems that will connect to the PEX lines through threaded 90 deg drop ears that are mounted to the studs.

Sweating the Hot and Cold Water stems for the sink

Closeup of the 1/2 in. Copper Stems

Leveling the Hot & Cold Water outlets for the sink

Closeup of the hot and cold water manifold

Utilities tucked in above the ceiling

1 1/4 in. drain line for the sink


COVER UP – Maine Escape

With all the utilities run in the ceiling, I set out to put up the drywall. Because of the moisture, I’m using Gold Bond PURPLE XP in the bathroom. These panels are Mold-resistant, Mildew-resistant, and Moisture-resistant. That the big 3 when doing a bathroom.

1st sheet of drywall

Cutout tool chews through drywall

Planning the cutout of recessed lighting

Marked the center of recessed light housing

Need a bit more practice with the cutout tool

Got all the ceiling drywall up


HEADS UP – Maine Escape

It was a short day today. Anytime you work over your head for an extended period, it’s utterly exhausting. I gave my arms a rest and cleaned up the worksite. We’ve got rain in the forecast, so I wanted to make sure everything was packed up and undercover.

Maine Escape DAY 25 Cover Up
It’s not a long day when working over your head

After that, it’s time for a good long shower and I really need a haircut.

Maine Escape DAY 25 Cover Up
I need a haircut


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Next time at the Maine Escape, I put in some last minute additions before the walls get closed up and spend some quality time with my son and a cold beer.

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