Maine Escape DAY 24 – Holes and Doors

Maine Escape DAY 24 Holes and Doors

DAY 24 – Holes and Doors

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape I got down and dirty with the shower, lining up the shower pan and insulating and framing in the exterior wall.

CLOSURE – Maine Escape

Now that the shower pan is measure out the entire shower/toilet room can be framed in. There is a lot of fancy framing that needs to go into the ceiling in order to make accommodations for the utilities and support joists.

Closing in the Shower & Toilet

The Shower Ceiling

A view from the Shower

Shower Toilet Framed in


JUST VENTING – Maine Escape

No shower is complete without a vent fan. We’re in the basement and already have to make amends for high humidity. The vent fan we’re installing will have a heater and exhaust fan. The exhaust fan requires a 4 inch pipe and the only place to put it is over the window. This is a difficult bore that takes almost 2 hrs to get through the sill board of the house. It’s almost a foot thick.

4" Vent Hole

Not a lot of room above the window

Not a lot of room

Didn't quite line up

Shower Vent Close up


DOORS – Maine Escape

Today, I have Big Lou onsite and helping out. We separated the pre-hung doors from their frames and made some cuts to allow them to fit in the non-standard openings.

Trimming the Doors

Hanging the Laundry room Door

Laundry Room Door Inside

Laundry Room Door Outside

Laundry Room Door

Nailing in the Door Frame

Bathroom Door



The stair knee wall was finished and has gotten a couple coats of clear polyacrylic to build up the durability. In particular, the railing is going to get a lot of handling, so I recommend at least 3 coats, sanding in between applications.

Another favorite Perch

Stair Wall is Done

All Seal Coated and Finished


PUNCH LIST – Maine Escape

Liz doesn’t like being on camera but she’s toiling away with the punch list and built a pair of shelves in the basement along with adding some hooks behind the door.

Hooks to Hang your Hats

Simple Shelves

Fenced in Propane Tank


LIVE/WORK – Maine Escape

The work site is where we are living and this project is a family affair. Aiden and Liz are here. The dogs are here. I couldn’t handle this compressed of a build out without their support. More importantly, they know how to give me pause, during the day, and help me stop to pick up a toad 🙂

She Dreams of Deer

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay


Catching Things

The Nature of Toads

Little Toads

TOUR – Maine Escape

Here’s a video tour of what’s been done so far.


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow at the Maine Escape, the plumbing for the shower and toilet goes in, Trix sits on a ledge, Plasterboard comes in, and I go out to eat.

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