Maine Escape DAY 23 – Shower Time

Maine Escape DAY 23 - Shower Time

DAY 23 – Shower Time

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape: I boxed in the stairs and built some more built-ins; R&D came, saw, and conquered the landscaping; Liz called for some reinforcements; and we took a video tour of the work done so far.


I can’t enjoy enough my morning and beauty of my surroundings. It’s a bit of a routine that I have an early breakfast and watch the sunrise with a coffee. It helps the chaotic schedule to center myself before starting the day.

Light Breakfast

Waiting for the Sunrise



SHOWER TIME – Maine Escape

Liz has taken Aiden out for the day to get a break and I am using this time between laborers to focus on laying out the 4 x 4 foot shower pan. Time being of the essence, I decided to go with a Kerdi complete shower system by Schluter <link>. This system has a high density, pre-sloped, styrofoam base that is quick to install and will save me 3 days over a more traditional poured concrete base.

Schluter - KERDI Complete Shower System

Reading Instructions

4 ft X 4 ft Shower Base


Lining things Up

I can’t move the drain, so I focused on where the shower base was going to fit and that meant prepping the PVC drain pipe to receive Kerdi drain cap. This required me to make a careful cut below the concrete line. It was a one chance cut and I needed to make sure everything lined up perfectly.

Foam Shower Pan

Spacing it out

Making my Measurements

Drain Bottom

Shower Drain Stem

Measuring below grade

Sizing up the Drain

Marking the Height

Cutting the Tube

Final Height

Shower Outline

Perfect height



Back to the Wall

Once the shower base was in and lined up, I could figure out where the walls were going to go and insulate and frame it in.


It's quicker and easier to go right over the window

Mark the line for the window

Cut out the Window

It's getting hot in here

Using a Plum Line to line up the back of the shower pan

Utility Room Wall

Finding Ceiling Height

Shower ceiling has to go under the support beams

Shower Room Framing


BUTTRESS CAP – Maine Escape

Between things, I capped the buttress by the basement door. This didn’t need gluing as I had a 3/4 inch overlap on each side. It worked out beautifully for one full v-groove pine board, which I cut out the channel and tounge for and added a simple 15° routed edge to.

Glues dry

Pine Cap & Front

Oh yea, it blends


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

The next wave of professionals come back tomorrow with Lou Koslowski coming in to help prep the bathroom for sheetrock and install some doors. We’ll also have the Plumber and Electrician back to finish running the utilities in the walls along with a combo Vent / Heater for the shower. It’s been a long day and boy do my knees hurt :-/

Maine Escape DAY 23 - Shower Time
On my knees all day


Thanks for tuning in,


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