Maine Escape DAY 20 – Rest and Reset

Maine Escape DAY 20 - Rest and Reset

DAY 20 – Rest and Reset

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we pushed on with the cuts and completed cladding the stairs as Liz put in a staircase in the barn and built some nice finish details.

REST AND RESET – Maine Escape

We’re 20 days into the build and have seen 3 great craftsmen come in. So far on our Punch List, we’ve managed to get the following knocked off:

  • Basement Plumbing
  • Basement Electrical
  • Basement Cladding
  • Staircase
  • Barn Garage Door
  • Barn Staircase
  • Barn Paint

Today we get a break between contractors and took the time to sleep in and do a reset. A lot of dust has been made and want to keep in front of it. Other than that, it’s a recharge day.


Looking at a Loon

You looking at me?

Dogs Life

Enjoying the Break

Cleanup the Yard

Going through Materials


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow at the Maine Escape we get some Landscapers, Ethan stays on, I rail on the staircase, and the view gets a little more scenic.

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