Maine Escape DAY 2.0 – Unload & Demo

Maine Escape DAY 2.0

DAY 2.0 – Unload & Demo

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

We arrived yesterday and settled in. The owners (Ray & Nancy) aren’t in residence yet, so we’ll be staying at Maine Escape while we manage the build out. This is going to be a Live / Work setup where we’ll be living and working onsite the whole duration of the project. This is going to save a lot of time and energy that will be reinvested into getting this project completed in the compressed timeframe.

UNLOAD – Maine Escape

First things first, unload the trailer and setup a work space. The majority of the work is going to focus in the basement which is less than 450 sq ft. That’s not a lot of space to work in. I’ve brought a tent and bunch of tools so we won’t get caught out in the rain or up the creek without a hammer.

PLANNING – Maine Escape

Getting into a routine, right off the bat is important. Waking up and reviewing the plans and daily task list is going to start my everyday. Can’t beat this view.

Maine Escape DAY 2.0 - Unload Demo
Coffee and Plan Review

We’ve got a lot tasks for this little house and having somewhere to reference the list is important. We don’t have room for a white board so we’ll just have to improvise. And again, you can’t beat the view.

Maine Escape DAY 2.0 - Unload Demo
To Do List

Staying on top of the list is going to be important. We’ve let everyone know that if they get to a point where they’ve got nothing to do, than look at the list and punch something off.


While Liz checks on deliveries, our friendly framer (who doesn’t want to be named or photographed) heads out to pick up a Concrete Saw and a Jackhammer. I’ve got a conversion kit to install on the new stove to adapt it from Natural Gas to Propane. Check it off the list!

Propane Conversion


My friend Jim taught me the importance of marking up the floor before you make an important decision. Well cutting into concrete definitely falls into the important decision category and I measured and marked up the floor real good so we don’t have to cut twice.

Maine Escape DAY 2.0 - Unload Demo
The calm before the cut

DEMO – Maine Escape

The Concrete cutter has arrived and I get to make the cuts. It’s a bit nerve racking because being as little as 2 inches off can throw off the whole thing. Best to take the reigns here and take the responsibility of making the right cuts.

Maine Escape DAY 2.0 - Unload Demo
Safety First

Here’s a little video of how it went.

TOMORROW – Maine Escape

While I tooled around in the basement, Liz and our friendly framer (let’s call him Sparky) got to work on installing a garage door on the Barn. We’ll see their progress tomorrow and hopefully get some deliveries in. It’s a tight schedule and the sewer line is supposed to be installed in the basement 1st so we can pour new concrete to cover the pipes and fill the holes made today.

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