Maine Escape DAY 19 – Nothing but Cuts

Maine Escape DAY 19 - Nothing but Cuts

DAY 19 – Nothing but Cuts

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we spent the day drying out from an overnight rain storm.


Liz has been hard at work in the barn and today she put together a simple kit stair to replace the rickety ladder up to the 2nd floor. She also worked on trim details including a faux door detail to go above the newly installed garage door.

Barn Detail waiting to go Up

Adding Access

Barn Stairs



The inside winder of the staircase had a lot of angles and I spent the day cutting out the cladding boards to fit snuggly in and against the stairs. It’s a detailed process but here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how I managed it.

The next board

Put the board on the lower step

Line up the board with the step

Draw a line for the cut

Measure the width below the bull nose

Combination Square

Mark the line

Overview of the marks

Mark the overhang of the bullnose

Line up a 1" forstner bit

Drill the bull nose out

3/4" Bore for the Bullnose

Cutting out the Tread

Cutting out the Kick

Removing wood for the Turn in

Checking the spacing

Lining up to the Step

Banging it in

Tacking the Tonge

Slide it in


The stairs are complete now, except for some trim molding and the railing. Really happy with how they came out. I even managed to find some more room for a built-in between the support joists. It’ll make a nice nook for treasures as you go down the stairs.

Top Step Bullnose

Inside Cladding Done

Almost done with the Stairs

Another Built-in



We had the great fortune to have Ethan Morgan as an apprentice on this project and today he goes home. He was a terrific extra set of hands for all our craftsman so far, and managed to pick up enough skills to clad the ceiling by himself.

Maine Escape DAY 19 - Nothing but Cuts
Another one signs the stairs

NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

We get another overnight rain storm and on day 20 take a break to enjoy our surroundings while the site dries out.


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