Maine Escape DAY 18 – Everything is Wet

Maine Escape DAY 18 - Everything's Wet

DAY 15 – Everything is Wet

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we made many cuts and cladded the outside wall of the staircase, cleaned up some built-ins, and boarded up the ceiling.


Last night was a wicked soaker of a storm. It’s really the first all-out deluge of rain we’ve had since arriving. Today is recovery day as I set about checking on the tools and setting things out to dry. At about 85° F and almost 100% humidity, this could take a while.

All my tools are moist

Morning of 100% Humidity

Taking a Drying Day

The Sun comes Out

Here Comes the Humidity

Porched Storage

Running out of places to put things

FAREWELL – Maine Escape

Today is Carlos “Dos Manos” Dos Santo’s last day. The Bunk Room is 90% done and thanks to his meticulous cutting and hyperactive attention to detail, there won’t be any issues down the road. Thank you, Carlos, for joining this adventure!

Maine Escape DAY 18 - Everything's Wet
Another craftsman signs his work

NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow, at the Maine Escape, I tackle the inside wall of the staircase, Ethan signs his name, and we check up on Liz’s work in the Barn.

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