Maine Escape DAY 17 – Almost Out of the Woods

Maine Escape DAY 17 - Almost out of the Woods

DAY 17 – Almost Out of the Woods

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we completed the Bunk Room v-groove cladding up to the stairs while doing some finish framing around built-ins, and sound proofing the noisy Well Pump.

UP THE STAIRS – Maine Escape

Cladding the stairs in the v-groove pine is meticulous. Each and every cut is unique and the tight quarters means we’re jumping over each other and timing the use of the saws. Poor Carlos started his day at the bottom but managed to get all the way to the top by evening.

Every Cuts Different

Railing Wall

Working together

Lights gotta go in as the Cladding goes up

Wiring up the LED Stair Lights

Stair Cladding

One Board at a Time

High Visibility

FINISH WORK – Maine Escape

The v-groove pine boards require a bit more energy to install but they quickly finish and framing in nooks and crannies looks nice and neat.

Framing the Ski Nook

Simple Box


The bunk room is getting a top to bottom wood treatment, meaning we’re also cladding the ceiling. To get the most out of our space we had all the utilities recessed into the floor joist and we’ll leave the big support beams exposed.

No stilts necessary

Ceiling Detail

Pulling wire as we go

STAIR LIGHTS – Maine Escape

The low voltage LED lights we’re installing to light the stairs need to get pulled through the pine cladding and plugged into a transformer underneath the stairs. It was a bit of a puzzle to layout the wires and adjust the spacing but Carlos worked it into his cuts and made it look beautiful.

Well Lit

Stair Lighting

High Visibility

Stair Cladding and Lighting


While the outside cladding on the stairs could slip behind the treads and kickboards, the inside cladding around the support wall needs to be mitered and cut into each step. This process took a bit of practice to get down. When you’re dealing with natural wood, each cut has to be perfect. You can’t go back and fill in a mistake because it’ll stand out like a soar thumb.

Working on top of Eachother

Tough 45° Bend

Close Cuts

Pictures don’t fully express how tight the cuts need to be, so I took a quick video on how each board has to be turned into place in order to catch the lip of the v-groove and fit snuggly against the step. Turn the lights down low and the volume up to appreciate this fine joinery.


I’ve been caught up in the basement and even though you haven’t seen much of Liz, she’s been knocking items off the To Do List left and right. Today she was up on a ladder painting the barn.

Maine Escape DAY 17 - Almost out of the Woods
Paint the Barn


The weather turned against us and we had to scramble to cover everything up for a soaker of an afternoon storm.

Everything's getting Wet

Running out of Places to put things

A view from the Pond

Sun comes out and the Humidity goes through the roof

A Genuine Soakah

Making sure we're covered

Wet Wood Don't Cut

NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow at the Maine Escape we spend the day drying out from a proper Nor Easter and put another signature under the stairs as we say goodbye to Carlos “Dos Manos” Dos Santos.

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