Maine Escape DAY 15 – Getting Wired

Maine Escape DAY 15 Getting Wired

DAY 15 – Getting Wired

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we began cladding the basement with v-groove pine boards to match the existing look of the house. 

GETTING WIRED – Maine Escape

Bunk Bed Lights & Power

Once the bunk beds are in the Bunk Room is going to be able to sleep 6 people. That’s a lot of people without much privacy or storage. I’m building built-in shelves into the wall of the Pump Room so each level of the bunk bed will have their own place to put a book or a tablet or a computer. To make these shelves truly functional they’ll need power for the electronics and a light for reading.

Wired for Lights & Power

Cladding the Built-ins

Tight Fit


On the other wall by the Picture Window, there isn’t enough thickness to the walls for a built-in but we’ll also give them a power outlet and a light to make each level of the bed somewhere to lounge.

Maine Escape DAY 15 Getting Wired
Bunk Bed Lights and Power

Stair Lights

We’ve got some 12v recessed LED stair lights to go in and wire up.

LED Stair Lights

LED Stair Lights

LED Kit for Stairs



We’re staying ahead of Carlos, as he closes up the walls, and making sure all the electrical and utilities are in. One utility that needed to be run was the Outside Shower Spigot. This will be a mixed Hot & Cold Water line feeding the outdoor shower.

Frostproof Spigot

Outdoor Shower Spigot Connection

Outside Shower Spigot


FINDING SPACE – Maine Escape

It’s so tight in the Bunk Room, I’m looking for space where ever I can get it. There’s an area next to the stairs that’s tall and I’ve got the perfect idea to do a Built-in Ski Nook. No room for wasted space!

From Wasted to Useful

Ski Nook

5 1/2 inches of Wasted Space

Wasted Space



Mr. “Dos Manos” Dos Santos birthday is today and we celebrated in style with some great local brew, a cake, and a paper lantern.

Happy Birthday Carlos!

Drink Local


Paper Lantern Celebration

Paper Lantern Celebration

Paper Lantern Celebration



For the 1st time in 15 days, we’ve got rain in the forecast for tomorrow. This means everything we need to complete the Basement Cladding needs to be inside in order to keep it dry. Our days of dry outdoor work areas is coming to an end tomorrow. The Basement feels a lot smaller with all our supplies and tools in it.

Here Comes the Rain

V-groove to use

Supposed to Rain Tomorrow


Tight Fit


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow we continue the cladding, Get some glamor shots of the 1st Floor, Deal with a loud Well Pump, and Party like wild dogs.

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