Maine Escape DAY 14.0 – Cladding

Maine Escape DAY 14 Cladding

DAY 14.0 – Cladding

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we put up a post and round rail railing around the stairwell and welcomed Carlos “Dos Manos” Dos Santos to the project.


The pre-bored post and round railing went up yesterday and was sealed with a semi-gloss polyacrylic sealant. This is rough wood perfect for matching the Rustic look of the house. Since these are hand railings time and energy needed to be spent sanding smooth the hand railings. This is accomplished with some 120 grit sandpaper tape more commonly found in the plumbing department. The size and length make it easy to wrap around the round timbers and sand evenly.

120 Grit ripped from a Belt

Finishing the Rails



Dealing with moisture from condensation on the well pump is important. I found a room vent and humidity sensor at the Home Depot that I gave to the electrician to install. This will activate a wall vent and push fresh air into the well pump room when the humidity goes above 60%.

CLADDING – Maine Escape

Carlos got to work cladding the basement framing with 1×6 v-groove pine boards. We measured and ordered these in bulk from Chick Lumber in Conway, NH. A total of 1750 linear feet was ordered in varying lengths between 8 – 14 feet (for best price).

Framing It all In

8 in V-Groove Pine

Well that was Quick

Done with the Cladding

Starting to Take Shape



BUNK BUILT-INS – Maine Escape

The bunk area of the basement measures roughly 15′ x 15′ and that 225 sq ft lost 50 sq ft to the staircase. Having just 175 sq ft of space to put in 2 bunk beds means there was absolutely no room for storage. Our answer to this was built-ins. I measured the heights of the bunks on the beds and framed out two built-ins to give some space for books, drinks, tablets while hanging in bed.

Custom Built-ins for the Bunks

Being Framed

No Wasted Space

Under the Stairs

Every Inch Counts



Got a lot done in the basement today and here’s a video quick tour.

We’re putting in 8-10 hr days trying to keep on schedule but that doesn’t mean we don’t stop and enjoy our beautiful surroundings with family. Work needs to be more than just a project and working with like-minded craftsman makes the time fly and keeps it fun.

Done for the Day

TOMORROW – Maine Escape

Next time Carlos clads some more, I find more space for built-ins, Ethan forgets to plug in a nailer, and we celebrate a birthday with some beer and paper lanterns.

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