Maine Escape DAY 13.0 – Railing Work

Maine Escape DAY 13 Railing Work

DAY 13.0 – Railing Work

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we completed the steps going into the basement and said goodbye to Jon “the Woodchuck” Duarte. We also did a good cleanup to get ready for the next phase of construction and NEW craftsman.


The Maine Escape is a secluded oasis and most of the contractors have been local or staying with us on the property. Carlos “Dos Manos” Dos Santos, however, was the first to arrive in style with his own trailer and family in tow.

Maine Escape DAY 13 Railing Work
The Shasta has Arrived

LOG AND RAIL – Maine Escape

We knew that in order for any of our renovations to go with the style of the house, they had to have the same rustic timber look and it’s near impossible to get that rough look from a big box lumber yard. Liz found a local log railing company that had white cedar pre-cut deck railings that we ordered from. The Wood Mill of Maine had everything we needed to put together a quick post and beam railing for the knee wall to go around the stairwell cutout.

Maine Escape DAY 3.0 - Delivery and PVC
Stair Railing Delivered


Maine Escape DAY 13 Railing Work
Pre-cut Post & Beam

Having posts and rails pre-bored mean that the normally laborious task of spindling is cut in half.

RAILING WORK – Maine Escape

Newel Posts

Just because the posts and rails were pre-boarded didn’t mean all our work was done. Getting a solid tight fit on the newel posts still required precise measurements and cutting. We didn’t order any extra.

Getting the Right Angle

Measuring the cut

Lining it up

Seeing the Negative Space

Cutting it Out

Making the Cut

Removal is Art

Rough Stem

Overcut to Trim out

Like a Glove

Courner Post



Once the posts were put in the railings fit into the pre-bored holes and the spindles tapped in.

Tight Cribing

Leveling Up

Tight on Headroom

Wire in the Way

Balancing the Ledge

Figuring the Span

Blending in


Railed in

We had been covering the hole but in a matter of hours we managed to put in the railings and not have to worry about anybody setting off the wrong ledge.

Newl Post


Carpe Diem Dos Santos

Post Rail Railing


FINAL FRAMING – Maine Escape

The Electrician has been busy pulling wires and putting in boxes in the Bunk Room downstairs. The stairwell has received it’s final framing and it’s ready for cladding.

Gauging my Cuts

Wire in the Way

Wasted Space

Considering all my Options

Bottom Winder Toe

Support Beam Detail 1


Support Beam Detail 2


TOMORROW – Maine Escape

The cladding begins, I work on some built-ins, and we figure out how to deal with some a musty issue.

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