Maine Escape DAY 11.0 – Stepping Stones

Maine Escape DAY 11 Stepping Stones

DAY 11.0 – Stepping Stones

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Yesterday at the Maine Escape we went into full-on precision mode, to build the top and bottom winders for the basement to 1st floor staircase. Today we fill in the gaps and start putting down some custom glammed steps.


Building a staircase isn’t cut & dry. There are a lot of “steps” to getting it right. This particular staircase has to be molded into the design of the Bunkroom in order to maximize space. And it has to match the very wood-on-wood style of the rest of the house. There are a lot of additional challenges building a solid wood staircase where the natural wood is preserved and maintained. A mistake can’t be patched and painted over. Each and every cut has to fit and be right. Some early morning reflection helps me get my head in the game.

On Golden Pond

I can't work Under these Conditions


ONE STEP AT A TIME – Maine Escape

The “winder” part of the staircase turns the top and bottom of the stairs into the room compressing the total length of the required footprint of the staircase by 2 precious feet. This was just enough clearance to nestled it between the 1st floor Porch Door and Basement Outside Door.

Maine Escape DAY 11 Stepping Stones
One Step at a Time

The middle part of the staircase is the easiest part. This uses a traditional saw-tooth tread and the consistent rise and run allows bulk cuts and quick installation.

One more Tread to Go

Almost there



The winder steps are quite a different story. These angled steps need to be meticulously joined together in order to give a natural cut and preserve the beauty of the wood grain.

Maine Escape DAY 11 Stepping Stones
Custom Steps


While Duarte & I worked on the staircase, Liz set about putting in the Stone Patio off the Front Deck.

Maine Escape DAY 11 Stepping Stones
Building a Patio

TOMORROW – Maine Escape

Next blog, we finish putting in the steps and have to show the confused pups how to use them.

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