Maine Escape DAY 10.0 – Precision

Maine Escape DAY 10 Precision

DAY 10.0 – Precision

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape we managed to get the opening for the Stairwell opened up and framed in.

TAKING A MOMENT – Maine Escape

We’re 10 days into the onsite portion of the Maine Escape Renovation and it’s been non-stop. There has been an army of people coming and going as each stage of the build-out completes. The Staircase is a precision nightmare, making sure everything fits properly. I find visualizing the work before commencing not only clears the head but also allows for on-the-fly modifications, as needed.

Maine Escape DAY 10 Precision
Moment of Silence

We’ve had some rain on, an otherwise, pitch perfect Summer season. A quick reconfiguration of the tent is making it easier to deal with frequent afternoon showers.

Maine Escape DAY 10 Precision
Moved the Work Area

PRECISION – Maine Escape

It’s important for each step of a staircase to be same. It’s hard enough to manage this over a straight shot. Add the fact, that the Maine Escape staircase has to bend twice in order to fit in the tiny space and you get a case where it’s not just important to measure twice. It’s important to constantly measure and level each and every custom step and contour.

No room for Error

End of Day 10

Working down and UP

Clearspan over the Well Pump

Bending the Wood to our Will

Strings in

Staircase Winder Base

Cut, Trim, Level, REPEAT

It couldn't be Planer

Like a Glove


SHAVING THE DAY – Maine Escape

There’s an old carpentry adage that goes: The first cut is the money cut and the second cut is free. This plays on the fact that it takes the most time to get that first cut measured and made while making that same cut a second time is easy since you’ve already done it once. Almost every cut on the Staircase is unique and it’s been slow going because there isn’t much repetition. Slow and steady is gonna win this race, however, as we don’t have time to go back and fix something later.

Maine Escape DAY 10 Precision
Taking a Load Off

TOMORROW – Maine Escape

Next blog we get cracking on steps and Liz puts in a stone patio.

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