Maine Escape DAY 1.0 – Arrival

Maine Escape DAY 1.0 Arrival

DAY 1.0 – Arrival

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

We’ve spent 5 months planning out the Maine Escape renovation (DAY 0.0 – 0.9) and we’ve traveled across the country to finally see for ourselves the property we’ve been working on all this time.

Maine Escape DAY 1.0 Arrival
Cross Country Trip

ARRIVAL – Maine Escape

After driving a little over 2,000 miles, it’s great to finally arrive. We’ll have the run of the property for the entire renovation and that’s why this is going to be a Family affair (including the dogs). Not much more than unpacking and settling in on DAY 1. Here’s a quick walk around the house and inspection of the basement where most of the magic is going to happen.

Outside Tour

Basement Tour

TOMORROW – Maine Escape

We jump right in tomorrow and unpack and layout the work area. Deliveries are supposed to start coming in and the basement floor gets cut and prepped for plumbing.

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