Maine Escape DAY 0.4 – Drafting

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting

DAY 0.4 – Drafting

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Drafting and Modeling are often taken as the same thing but actually play two completely different roles in a project renovation. Last blog Liz used a Virtual 3D Model of the Maine Escape to get us to an approved Design Proposal (v5). That model is important to visualizing the design we are proposing because an empty space plays tricks on your eyes. The best way to show a proposed design is to model it. 3D modeling provides a more familiar perspective to folks unfamiliar with traditional blueprints. Programs like Room Sketcher allow you to quickly create and adapt layouts to 3D models. This ability to quickly change and adapt a design for a client is important as most designs go through a number of revisions. Drafting, on the other hand, takes more time because of the precision required.

DRAFTING – Maine Escape

I use Vectorworks 8 to draft layouts and projects. The difference between Drafting and Modeling is in the details. Details that get down to the 32nd of an inch are important for engineering. That degree of accuracy takes time and that’s why it’s best to separate out drafting and modeling. It’ll take me about a month to have a full mockup of the Maine Escape detailed down to the nearest inch. In the time it takes me to finish the draft, Liz will have gone back and forth with Ray & Nancy 5 times refining the design. By the time we get a finalized design for the Maine Escape, I’ll be ready to insert that into my draft for the engineering plan set.


Starting with the 3D Model layout from Room Sketcher®, imported into Vectorworks.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
Basement 3D layout import

I then overlayed actual CAD walls and windows where the existing foundation was.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
Basement CAD overlay 3D layout

After that, it was easy to remove the 3D layout import and refine my measurements to the precise ones gathered by Ray & Nancy in our Dimensions packet.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
CAD Foundation


Existing Fixture

Because the fixtures were against a cinder block wall and those have specific dimensions, I was able to accurately put in the locations of the existing fixtures we need to work around in the basement.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
CAD existing fixtures

Ceiling Joists

The positioning of those big ceiling joists is also important to have a precise location for. Those headers are going to need to be addressed in the engineering of the staircase and the positions of the shower.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
CAD joists positions


Walls & Stairs

Once everything was scaled and imported into the CAD drawing, it was time to lay out the framing and the staircase.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
CAD Walls & Stairs


This drawing shows the details in the wall framing against the foundation and the bottom of the stairs. I’m spec’ing a 1″ rigid foam to go against the bare cinder block walls to then be framed in with 2×3 studs and clad in the 2x6x1 v-grove pine boards (like the ones on the 1st floor).

CAD Staircase zoom
CAD Staircase zoom

With all this specification and drawing I make sure to put in the precise measurements of the materials. This means knowing that a 2×3 is actually 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ true.

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
CAD Bathroom zoom

Having a precise degree of detail is important when considering the mechanical components of a build (plumbing, electrical, HVAC).

Maine Escape DAY 0.4 Drafting
CAD Shower zoom

Nowhere is precision more important than in the bathroom shower, where the floor is going to need to be cut into for the installation of a sewer pipe. When dealing with concrete, being off a few inches can mean the difference between a 1 day project and a 1 week project. You only want to cut once.


We get our first look at the barn.

This Barn is gorgeous! The construction is pure Maine rustic architecture. We’ve got it on our Punch List to put in a Garage Door, New Side Door, Paint, and add accents. This is the first thing you see as you drive up to the Maine Escape so we’re gonna make it a lasting impression.

CADing continues into the next blog as I get together full-size blueprints to send out for a peer review. Plus the budget starts to evolve as we get a grasp on the sheer size of this renovation. See y’all next blog!

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