Maine Escape DAY 0.2 – 3D Modeling and Design

Maine Escape 3D Model

DAY 0.2 – 3D Modeling and Design

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Design and Drafting this project remotely without being able to set foot on site for 4 months is going to be a delicate game of communication between us and the home owners. Last blog we got a 1st look at the Maine Escape with photos and video from Ray & Nancy. They also took measurements based on our Dimension packet and improvised layout. Now it’s time to take that information and start Design and Drafting the house for the renovation. Liz and I split up here and she’ll build and create a 3D model of the house for designing while I draft a CAD model for engineering.

3D MODELING – Maine Escape

An empty house always feels big. This can be particularly misleading in small and tiny homes. Furniture and fixtures really start to creep in and take over. We learned from the information Ray & Nancy provided that there isn’t any storage space to speak of in the Maine Escape. While this can make things appear very spacious, not having storage space can quickly lead to clutter and disarray. To illustrate how quickly 1,000 sq ft can fill up, Liz built a 3D model of the Maine Escape with Room Sketcher® and filled it with furniture and fixtures.


Maine Escape 3D Layout
Maine Escape – 2nd Floor 3D Layout

Our idea for the 2nd Floor closet is to have the entrance through the bathroom in order to optimize the central area of the room with the most head height. Because it’s a Gambrel roof, a 2 ft area along the left and right walls is below 5 ft  in height and not functional. Liz has the idea to put some horizontal elevated surfaces in this “dead area” to create a desk area and shelves that can be used for storage.

Maine Escape 3D Layout
Maine Escape – 1st Floor 3D Layout

Right off the bat, we figured out there is no way the staircase to the basement was going to fit in the closet under the 2nd Floor stairs. Utilities aside, putting a staircase in the Basement bathroom just wouldn’t do. In our design presentation to Ray & Nancy we are going to propose putting the staircase to the basement along the 1st Floor wall adjoining the Porch.

Maine Escape 3D Layout
Maine Escape – Basement 3D Layout

Fitting the staircase to the basement along the Porch wall has to be designed in such a way as to go over the existing well pump. While this takes away from the Bunkroom area, it will utilize the dead area over and around the well pump which will just have to be kept accessible for servicing.

3D VIEW – Basement

Bathroom / Laundry Room

Liz put together a visualization that puts the shower tucked behind a walled-in toilet area. There is a window facing the Porch and we want to try and keep as much natural light flowing into the room as possible. Installing floating countertops for the sink will help open up the area. Having that countertop wrap around and over the washer and dryer will give plenty of work space for folding.


A quick rendering of a pair of single over double bunk beds demonstrates how quickly the Bunkroom will fill up. There also needs to be some consideration for storage in this room as visiting guests will surely have luggage.

3D VIEW – 1st Floor

3D VIEW – Porch

Visualizing a window seat along the wall provides plenty of seating with cubbies underneath for storage. There’s a space right in the middle of the wall where a wardrobe can go as a coat closet and a pellet stove can be installed in the corner to provide heat in the Winter.

3D VIEW – 2nd Floor

On the 2nd Floor the biggest thing is going to be finding room for a closet. The one and only bathroom for the house is immediately on the left as you walk up the stairs. It’s walled in and extending that wall into the room would be natural. Fitting the entrance to the closet in the bathroom would allow us to cut down on needing a door and provide one of the few straight walls on this level. Liz also visualized a desk and seat / shelves with storage underneath the “dead area” of angled roof.

DESIGN PROPOSAL v1 – Maine Escape

Once we had the 3D Models made Liz put the whole thing together in a 15 page Design Proposal for Ray & Nancy (Design Proposal v1).

Maine Escape Design Proposal v1
Design Proposal v1 pages 1-4
Design Proposal v1 pages 5-8
Design Proposal v1 pages 9-12
Maine Escape Design Proposal v1
Design Proposal v1 pages 13-15

I highlight that this is Design Proposal v1 because we fully expect to go through a number of revisions before having a final draft. Keeping an open mind is very important when you are designing for someone. The time and energy spent right here and now is going to make or break this renovation. Always be thinking about alternatives in every design and remember: it doesn’t matter how great the concept is; if the owners don’t like it, then it’s nothing more than a suggestion.

At this point in the Maine Escape project timeline we are almost a month in. There are going to be a total of 5 versions of Design Proposal that get sent to Ray & Nancy. Every version gets us one step closer to the final design. Next blog, I start building the CAD drawings for the Engineering.

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