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Spell check is on everything now, but it’s still really important to learn how to spell and how to decode vocabulary words. When he grows up and gets a job, I want my son to write well and be able to articulate himself correctly. He doesn’t need to be able to win national spelling bees (unless he wants to) but he should know how to properly write a paper, a letter, and an email for starters.

I encourage an expanded vocabulary first by stressing reading, reading, reading; but we also work with a new spelling list each week to practice words we know and learn words we aren’t familiar with. In his packet for the week he gets the new word list, and a worksheet packet to complete the assignments.

Spelling Word List
A sample of the word list we use each week.

His assignments/tasks are written right on the word list and I print out and include the two page worksheet packet so he can complete it. One of the best parts to this assignment (at least, he thinks it’s awesome) is that he gets to choose what he’d like to do for the week. Some weeks he chooses to write sentences, other weeks he draws illustrations for the words. It leaves a lot of choices for him to make making it ultimately feel less like work.

Spelling & Vocabulary Worksheets
The worksheet packet is on two pages and leaves areas for all five assignments even though they only have to choose three to complete.

Download your Spelling & Vocabulary word lists:

Grade/Level 3 Spelling Lists

Grade/Level 4 Spelling Lists – Coming Soon

Grade/Level 5 Spelling Lists – Coming Soon

Grade/Level 6 Spelling Lists – Coming Soon

Grade/Level 7 Spelling Lists – Coming Soon

Grade/Level 8 Spelling Lists – Coming Soon

Download your Spelling & Vocabulary two-page worksheet packet:

Spelling & Vocabulary Assignment Worksheet

Credits to External Sources:
The word lists we work from are from BigIQkids. They also have a lot of wonderful resources to look through and use for your schooling needs.

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