Grade 3 : Spelling & Vocabulary Materials

These sheets are created and organized by grade level for easy planning. Print out a new list each week for your child and pair it with our two-page assignment worksheet. Review the words together discussing the pronunciation, definition, syllables, etc. and then have your child complete 3 of the 5 assignments listed on the sheet. Each assignment targets different learning styles and some will appeal more to your child than others. You may have one child that would rather draw, and another that prefers alphabetical order. Whichever assignments they choose, the practice and discipline of completing a task remains the same, and they will be practicing known words while learning new ones.

Grade 3 Weekly Spelling Lists:

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 1

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 2

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 3

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 4

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 5

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 6

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 7

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 8

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 9

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 10

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 11

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 12

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 13

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 14

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 15

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 16

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 17

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 18

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 19

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 20

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 21

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 22

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 23

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 24

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 25

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 26

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 27

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 28

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 29

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 30

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 31

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 32

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 33

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 34

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 35

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 36

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 37

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 38

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 39

Blocks-Spots_Spelling-L3 40

Credits and External Links:
The word lists we used in our format are from BigIQkids and offer a great variety for each year.

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