Maine Escape DAY 0.6 – Breakdown

Maine Escape DAY 0.6 Shop List

DAY 0.6 – Breakdown

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The Maine Escape blueprints 1st draft is done and out for review. I expect them to come back with some red lines on them indicating changes that need to be considered. In the meantime, I’m going to start looking at local resources and putting together a task list while Liz lines up contractors.  Continue reading

Maine Escape DAY 0.2 – 3D Modeling and Design

Maine Escape 3D Model

DAY 0.2 – 3D Modeling and Design

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Design and Drafting this project remotely without being able to set foot on site for 4 months is going to be a delicate game of communication between us and the home owners. Last blog we got a 1st look at the Maine Escape with photos and video from Ray & Nancy. They also took measurements based on our Dimension packet and improvised layout. Now it’s time to take that information and start Design and Drafting the house for the renovation. Liz and I split up here and she’ll build and create a 3D model of the house for designing while I draft a CAD model for engineering. Continue reading

Maine Escape DAY 0.1 – Gathering More Info

Maine Escape DAY 0.1

DAY 0.1 – Gathering More Info

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

With only a 2 month window to be onsite for renovations and over 2,000 miles separating us, planning is going to be the most important part of this project. Having accurate plans of the house for everyone to use is the first step in the planning phase. Last blog Liz mocked up an improvised layout of the Maine Escape from online real estate photos. We sent Ray & Nancy a dimensions packet and tasked them with filling in the information and getting us more photos and some video of the house. We’re counting on their information to be accurate and complete. It’s not easy working from afar and we’re conferencing with them every week in order to work out what’s critical for them to provide us. Continue reading

Maine Escape DAY 0.0 – Background and Project Layout

Maine Escape - Day 0.0

DAY 0.0 – Background and Project Layout

BACKGROUND – Maine Escape

My wife (Liz) and I make our living bringing ideas to life. We’re a designer and builder team specializing in project based construction management. The Maine Escape project is a retirement house for my Father (Ray) and Stepmom (Nancy). Like us they’ve decided to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and take on a slower, more natural lifestyle. They found a renovated hunting cabin for sale in a semi-rural section of Maine and wanted to see if they could turn it into a comfortable year-round home for themselves. Upgrading the house and plot for comfortable year-round living and accessibility is the goal of this project. Continue reading