DIY Projects – Modern Rustic Door

DIY Projects - Modern Rustic Door

DIY Projects – Modern Rustic Door

BACKGROUND – Modern Rustic Door

Some of the best projects come from casual remarks and good friends. This is one of those projects. It all started with a dear friend mentioning that her condo door needed fixing and ended up becoming an amazing journey to create a Modern Rustic Door to fit in a standard door frame.  Continue reading

Maine Escape DAY 2.0 – Unload & Demo

Maine Escape DAY 2.0

DAY 2.0 – Unload & Demo

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

We arrived yesterday and settled in. The owners (Ray & Nancy) aren’t in residence yet, so we’ll be staying at Maine Escape while we manage the build out. This is going to be a Live / Work setup where we’ll be living and working onsite the whole duration of the project. This is going to save a lot of time and energy that will be reinvested into getting this Continue reading

Expanding Steampunk Table – DIY Instructional

Expanding Steampunk Table

My family & I have downsized and are working hard on maintaining a small footprint. We’re living in a modestly sized rental house without any room for a dining room table. We like to entertain and not having a place to sit and eat has been a bit challenging. There is a foyer in the house that is a decent size but wouldn’t work for having a permanent dining table. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good size table that sat 6-8 people but didn’t require a dedicated room? Here’s how I solved this dilemma by designing and building an portable Expanding Steampunk Table.
Continue reading

Maine Escape – Tiny House Project

Tiny House is a trending and popular subject right now. There are TV shows and websites dedicated to these marvels of miniaturization. For most, Tiny Houses conjure up images of: simple living; being off-the-grid; portability; and affordability. For me the heart of this movement is just plain efficient living, not having more than you need, and being comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.

This Summer the CS:C Team will be undertaking the design and management of tiny buildout in scenic Maine. We’ve already started the design process and I’m putting up this blog up to let you know about this exciting project. We’re going to document our process and journey this Summer and take a little time to put it all together and show you how we tackle a job.

Hopefully by seeing how it done you’ll get some ideas and some confidence on tackling your next DIY project. From Shutters to Steampunk Desks and Kitchens to Bathrooms, the only thing keeping you from getting it done is a little knowledge and creativity. DIY projects don’t have to break the bank. They just have to have take some time and have a good solid plan.

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DIY Projects 1 – Steampunk Computer Desk

Steampunk Computer Desk

When you’re on the hunt for a new computer desk there are many options to choose from; but what if your style is a bit more eclectic, and you are looking for something that isn’t only functional but is also ergonomic and truly unique – Well, you may have just found yourself in the right place. Check out my new Steampunk Computer Desk! Continue reading