We are Liz, Garrett, & Aiden LaFrance. We are a unique family team with skills in creative thinking, design, graphics, architecture, prototyping, construction, programming, and project management. We manage our business (Colored Spots Creative), keep up with daily life, and spend quality time with our gifted son. And Blocks and Spots is the educational component of everything we do.

We didn’t begin our lives with this goal in mind. It developed out of necessity. Our son Aiden is an overly inquisitive, naturally curious, and exceptionally brilliant child. We’re slightly biased in our opinion, but over the years Aiden has proved himself academically and really meets these high standards.

He learns at an extremely rapid pace and is always craving more. When he grows up this will be a huge advantage for him, but at the elementary level, it was his biggest challenge. He didn’t fit into a traditional school model. His academic level can be pushed years beyond his age and he still achieves full comprehension of the subjects. His brain could handle high school, but he still needs to be a kid. Even if skipping grades were a choice for us, we know it wouldn’t be good for his spirit. He needs to run, move, bounce, and play like every other young kid.

So we began our adventure in homeschooling when he was 7. It took a lot of preparation to get ready for it, but once we began, we started to realize how perfect this schooling style is for us. Everything we do is a lesson that can be used to teach and share. This is how Blocks and Spots began.






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  1. Fabulous and fascinating- I totally admire all that you set out to do and accomplish . I totally agree there is more to the world and more to learning than the traditional methods . We will be following you – have fun on all your adventures !

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