U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Day 14 – Ratonward Bound

DAY 14

Last night we hitched up in Dodge City and got well rested for our final leg of the journey across the great planes of Kansas, crossing though the Oklahoma panhandle before entering New Mexico and rising up about 4,000 feet to the high planes and our final destination Raton.

We had some trouble getting out of Dodge after our long drive in last night. We decided to take our time and enjoy some of the preserved Wild West at the Dodge City Boot Hill Museum [link]. Some of the great names of Western legend have passed through Historic Dodge City including Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday to name a few [more info]. Even JCAC got into the spirit with a quick stink in the Best Western Plus Country Inn & Suites.

Jim, no did it!

Here’s to our late start:

Driving across the Great Planes was a surreal passage along the straight and lonely Route 56. There was nothing but crops as far as the eye could see with the occasional grain silo popping up with it’s little town around around it.

Geographical Regions of the United States

This U’ee dashcam compilation shows what’s it’s like to drive these sprawling byways of the planes.

New Mexico is the 4th highest state with an average elevation of 5,000 ft above sea level. Our destination is Raton located in the North East high planes. Raton is just under 7,000 ft above sea level.

NM Elevation Map

The final hour & half of our drive was an impressive change of scenery as the foothills of the Rocky Mountains appeared before us. Poor U’ee could barely manage 60 mph on the incline. Here’s some of his dashcam of this change.

The cross country journey is almost over. Once we get to Raton the build-out the brewery starts and the blog format will change over to the Raton Chronicles.

Here’s some final thoughts on the cross country journey:

Today’s Bing Map of the journey along with our entire trip:

Day 14 Map

TOTALS: 2,529 miles; 44h 20m driving time; 6 days & 5 nights travel time; 10 full tanks of gas; over 300 gallons of fuel


Thank you everyone who checked in and checked out U’ee’s cross country trip. The cross country journey is over for U’ee BUT the adventure still continues. Subscribe with your email on the right of this blog and you’ll get a notification when the next blog comes out for the U’ee Raton Chronicles.

Till then – CHEERS!


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  1. I think I have a picture of you in that same jail … will have to look it up…glad you arrived safely….nice being on the road with you again…

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