U’ee (the Tinker Truck) Day 13 – To Alpha & Beyond

DAY 13

Today we left Missouri behind and traveled to Lincoln, NE to visit with the fabrication geniuses at Alpha Brewing Operations, who are putting together the brewhouse for Colfax Ale Cellar.

JCAC and I overnight’ed in U’ee at the Rockport Welcome Center off on I29 at mile marker 109 in Missouri. The most welcoming welcome center you’ll ever see. It’s so nice it’s even got it’s own facebook page [link]. It was a tad bit on the cool side last night but the 24hr facility had the most complete vending facility with all the necessary snacks and hot beverages needed to get us through.

We made it to our scheduled appointment at Alpha Brewing Operations [more info] for 11 am and were warmly welcomed by J T Glen & Matt Rennerfeldt. Alpha Brewing Operations is the next step in BYOB (Build Your Own Brewery) design. There are some pretty specific requirements needed to fit a 7 bbl brewhouse in a 19c historic building and Alpha is going the extra mile to make sure everything fits. They’ve custom’d and fit some of the highest quality equipment in some pretty unique and tight places.

Alpha Brewing Operations – Assembly Floor

After we left Alpha, we made our way to a local watering hole for lunch. Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill – Haymarket [more info] had a great selection of house brews and a very hearty menu. The road-menu’s started to catch up with me and I was more than happy to get a simple Cobb Salad with a Chaco Canyon Gold from Empyrean Brewing Company [more info].

Lazlo Brewery Taps

Checking out of Nebraska we headed South into Kansas with the goal to reach Dodge City and have our final overnight before making it the final stretch of the journey to Raton, NM by tomorrow afternoon.


Quick stop at Kansas Territory Brewing Company to see their brewing line and then driving off into the sunset on the narrow byways of Kansas.

Kansas Territory Brewing Company

Here’s some U’ee dashcam showing the rise and fold of the classic Americana byways.


It’s been a long drive today over the course of many long drives with our final destination in sight. Gonna be late by the time we get into Dodge. Not to fret the long winding highway still had a few weird visual anomalies to keep me wide awake and guessing.

Any idea what I’m driving into??

There was a bit of zigzagging from yesterday to today and here’s the Bing Map of this leg:

Day 13 Map


Tomorrow we cross the pan handle and rise about 4,000 feet to get to Raton, NM. I sure hope all 9 of U’ee’s cylinders are ready.

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  1. Just for clarification the brewing equipment, canning line and several fermentation tanks, at Kansas Territory, were supplied by American Beer Equipment. I believe Alpha supplied a few fermenters and a brite tank along with a small bottling line. The equipment in the photo above was supplied by ABE

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